Science Policy

I have recently begun to explore science policy through several groups at Duke and beyond. At Duke, I am a contributing writer for the Duke SciPol Writers Studio, a group within the Duke Initiative for Science & Society. In this role, I write nonpartisan policy briefs on federal legislation related to science, with a focus on policies with relevance to neuroscience and genetics, in order to inform both general and scientific communities about how science and policy intersect. Here are the briefs I have written so far:

In addition, I have recently become involved in the National Science Policy Network, a coalition of science policy student groups, which holds frequent web meetings to talk about strategies to involve scientists in advocacy to promote research funding. As a member of the Communications Committee, I assist in maintaining a brand for the organization with the media, spearheading science communication and advocacy initiatives with other groups, and disseminating information to the members through the group's email newsletter and social media channels. Being a part of this broad national network of students engaged in science advocacy has given me valuable insight into the ways that science and policy inform one another.